Sleeping Disorder Specialist in Wales

Sleeping Disorder Specialist in Wales

A good quality night's sleep is an essential component of maintaining good mental health. It is surprising that over the years the amount of sleep that an individual is getting per night has been recorded in the populations across different countries has gradually declined.

Adult Sleep Disorder Treatment in Wales

With his years of Psychiatry experience, Dr. Raman Sakhuja has observed that over a third of patients attending Mental Health Outpatient clinics have a problem with sleep and up to half of the inpatients would be on Hypnotic medication. There are no dedicated services in the Mental Health settings in Wales that are designed to assess, diagnose sleep disorders or sleep-related difficulties and manage them on an individual basis.

What do we offer?

With his special interest in Neuropsychiatry, Dr. Raman Sakhuja, the leading sleeping disorder specialist in Wales, offers a comprehensive assessment of sleep difficulties that includes the use of clinical information along with validated clinical tools that provide information on the quality as well as the quantity of sleep.

The uniqueness of adult sleep disorder treatment in Wales includes the addition of  Actigraphy to the whole sleep assessment process. Following that, a comprehensive, multi-modal package of sleep care can be put in place. This includes the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia as well as necessary pharmacological interventions tailored to the individual's needs, along with optimization of treatments for any comorbid conditions such as anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, or substance misuse disorders.

Sleeping Disorder Specialist in Wales

Actigraphy is the study of the sleep-wake cycle that is done by using a clinically validated, wrist wearable device that records the activities throughout the day and night for a particular individual. Not only does it provide information on the activity and sleep time, but it can also provide a wealth of information regarding the kind of activities, the amount of screen time that the individual is having as well as the kind of light exposure that may affect the sleep cycle. Based on all of that information and other scales, a comprehensive assessment is made and an individualized or tailor-made plan can be put in place for that individual with sleep difficulties.


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