Best Anxiety Psychiatry in Wales

Best Anxiety Psychiatry in Wales

Anxiety is an emotion that is physiological and normal for all human beings and everyone experiences it at some time. The symptoms of anxiety can be autonomic (physical), psychological or a mixture of both. Any psychiatry interventions only become necessity if the anxiety symptoms become excessive, leading to stress or disability or start affecting the quality of life of the individual.

Some of the most common varieties of variety disorders include generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder with its subtypes, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and/or body dysmorphic disorder.

How are they assessed?

There are several anxiety spectrum disorders that need to be assessed by the specialist as the treatment of different disorders need to be tailored to the nature of the presentation of that disorder. They are diagnosed by the Psychiatrist after a comprehensive hisotory, understanding the nature of the symptoms, whether or not they are associated with any specific situation or any other event, use of screening tools and a mental state examination.

How are they managed?

To provide the best anxiety psychiatry in Wales, the management of these different disorders, in general, includes the use of pharmacological options such as anxiolytic/antidepressant medication and/or antipsychotic medication (severely debilitating anxiety disorders) along with psychological interventions in the form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and its variants. In less severe conditions, self-help interventions along with Mindfulness-based interventions can be very helpful to build up internal psychological resources to manage anxiety and success of life in general.

It is important to have a comprehensive assessment by a specialist who would be able to provide a tailor made treatment plan and also pick up any co-morbid conditions that need management.

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