Initial Consultation - Face to Face in person or Online (1 hr) £350
Follow Ups (Face to Face in person or Online up to half hr) £250
ADHD (Adult)

Screening with QbCheck (Face to Face in person with Nurse - 1hr) - £325

Stage 1
Screening with QbCheck (Face to Face in person with Nurse - 1hr) £325
FEEDBACK of Stage 1
FEEDBACK of Stage 1 with Dr Sakhuja £100
Stage 2
Face to Face in person with Dr Sakhuja (up to 2 hrs, preferably with family member and with school reports, if available) £700

(Kindly note that many people now a days read or self-test online and that is not necessarily ADHD. The assessments are done to gather as much information as is possible. Whether or not a diagnosis of ADHD is given is based on all the information, QbCheck and DIVA-5, which is the NICE and UKAAN recommended diagnostic interview for Adults with ADHD. This means that following assessment, it is also possible that a diagnosis of ADHD is NOT given. The assessment process involves making sense of a lot of information and there may be another condition that may need further assessment and Dr Sakhuja can advise accordingly)


Treatment for ADHD is often multi-modal involving a combination of medications, Psychological interventions, Sleep optimisation, nutritional optimisation, self-help and/or Neurofeedback.

New Medication Initiation (with medical screening/examination and private prescription) £350

(Kindly note that if on medical assessment there is a need for specialist opinion, Dr Sakhuja will refer to the relevant specialist before prescribing, in which case, the fee will be £250)

Follow Ups (Face to Face) £250
Telephone Follow ups £100
Ongoing Private Prescription for Controlled Drugs costs* £100 for a month
Private Prescription for Non Control Drugs Costs* £85 for a month

*Pharmacy dispensing costs for private prescriptions can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. However, for a discounted price, you can use the services of Cyncoed Pharmacy on Cyncoed Road, Cardiff

Adult Autism Assessments (ASD)

Total cost is £2000

Diagnostic assessments

A full Autism assessment is a very detailed and comprehensive process involving-

  • ADI-R which takes 3- 4 hrs interview with a parent/carer done by Dr Raman Sakhuja
  • ADOS - Another clinician does that with the patient separately
  • MDT with both clinicians to discuss what is found and to confirm or otherwise the diagnosis.

Total cost is £2000

(Instalment options of £1000 x 2 available)

Sleep Disorder

Initial Sleep Assessment - £400

Initial Sleep Assessment £400

(This involves specific sleep questionnaires, Sleep Activity Diary recording by the individual for 2 weeks, Actigraphy by using a clinically approved Actigraphy wrist device and feedback of the assessment)

Outcome of Assessment

- If there is a specific Sleep disorder on the initial assessment that requires a specialist test such as Polysomnography or others, Dr Sakhuja will refer to the relevant specialist. Disorders such as Innsomnia, Circadian Rhythm Disorders, Restless Legs or others will be managed by Dr Sakhuja. In the event that another specialist is needed, Dr Sakhuja will liaise with them as per clinical need.

- For Insomnia, Dr Sakhuja will devise a specific tailored management plan, including CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia) and deliver sessions for the same.


The costs for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia are-

6 sessions that include a specific psychological, personalised CBT-I prescription tailored for the individual £649



ASSESSMENT for r-TMS - £450

Pharmacogenomics test

The Oral Saliva Pharmacogenomics test costs, Total cost - £468


The Oral Saliva Pharmacogenomics test costs

Test kit £369
Clinical Interpretation £99
Total cost £468
Initial consultation- One hour (face to face or online) £350
Follow up- Up to 30 min (face to face or online) £200
Follow up- (up to one hour) £300
ADHD (Child)

ADHD Total fee - £1200

ADHD Total fee £1200
Initial assessment (one and half hour) £600
Outcome session (one hour) £600
ASD (Child)

ASD Total fee - £2200

ASD Total fee £2200
Initial assessment (one and half hour) £600
ADOS + MDT + Outcome session (one hour) £1600

If unsure whether ASD or ADHD assessment, then it would an initial assessment £350 one hour

Prescription fee £50 per prescription.

Adult Psychiatry : Monday & Thursday
(9:30 AM - 1:30 PM)
Child Psychiatry : Tuesday & Wednesday
(5:30 PM - 8:00 PM)

( From Monday to Friday, doctors can be reached through phone for consultations. )

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