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The Wales Psychiatry Centre is the first Psychiatry Centre in Wales that brings together a team of Psychiatrists that offer their service to cover the age span of Children, Adolescents and Adults. We believe in providing personalised psychiatry treatments that are individually tailored to the needs of the individual and are based on evidence-based practices. One of the missions of our team of the best psychiatrists in Wales is to improve the accessibility of latest and innovative psychiatry treatments for the patients we serve. We believe in a holistic approach to enable recovery from mental health difficulties whilst building resilience and internal psychological resources for the individual to lead a peaceful, productive and meaningful life.
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Dr. Raman Sakhuja - Best Adult Psychiatrist in Cardiff

Dr. Raman Sakhuja

Psychiatrist in Cardiff MBBS, MRCPsych, DpM (Psychological Medicine), MBA | Visiting Professor of Psychiatry at University of South Wales

Dr. Raman Sakhuja is a leading Consultant Psychiatrist in Cardiff (U.K.) who specializes in General Adult Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry with a special interest in Neuropsychiatry and Neuromodulation.

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Dr. Sanjeev Sharma- Best Child Psychiatrist in Wales

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, MBBS, DpM (Psychological Medicine), MRCPsych, MSc

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist based in Cardiff, South Wales. He has a vast experience in diagnosing and treating children and adolescents with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders.

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"Dr Sakhuja has had a profound impact on our family life. After several appointments with various practitioners over many years, no one was able to diagnose ADHD in our son, who was clearly  showing many of the symptoms of the condition and was struggling with very poor concentration. Dr Sakhuja’s expert knowledge and experience in this field, aided with brand new up to date computer technology, allowed him to make an accurate diagnosis during his first consultation with our son. He was able to get the medication he needed immediately and is now able to concentrate and study like he never has before and enjoying a much-improved quality of life" 


"Up until 2 years ago my life had just gone around in circles, I was always labelled a problem person who dealt with my issues by medicating myself through various drug and alcohol binges. When I walked through the drs door we started to piece together some things about my life and it was quite quickly apparent to Dr Sakhuja that I was suffering from ADHD. To say the last 2 years has been easy would be a lie but with the medication, help and support from a Dr who could see past the alcohol and self medication, my life has changed around completely. I’m still prone to my defects but when I apply what had been given to me, me and my whole family are so much mentally fitter. There is no one else that I would prefer to see than Dr Sakhuja. Still a long way to go but so much more acceptance and hope for my future. Thank you"

Jonathan James

I approached Dr Sakhuja after being suspected of having ADHD as a child.  Whilst the symptoms I had diminished over time I still had various issues and at the age of 42 decided to definitively get to the bottom of it.  Dr Sakhuja was fantastic, looking into my childhood history, speaking with my mother regarding her experiences with me and taking me through numerous thorough tests which not only aided my diagnoses but also looked at other potential conditions which I was not expecting.  By the time I left I knew exactly where I stood with my mental health and I'm really looking forward to my second meet up with him in June to work out how I move forward in my life.  I'm extremely grateful to him and his staff for the efforts they've made and even recommended him to family members within days of having my diagnosis.

FAQs About Best Psychiatrist in Wales

How to choose a Psychiatrist?

To choose the best psychiatrist, you need to put in some thought and consideration. You can find the right psychiatrist with the help of a referral list, through your GP, insurance, searching in google, and by going through patient reviews.

What conditions do Psychiatrists treat?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors certified to assess, diagnose, and treat mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders.

Can Psychiatrists provide counselling?

Psychiatrists and counsellors are two different professionals. Psychiatrists' main role is to perform or order different psychological and/or medical tests. They may provide talk therapy (psychotherapy) while treating some patients or refer them to a counsellor- a mental health professional, for general guidance and support.

Do all medications given by a psychiatrist pose a risk of addiction?

No. Most medications prescribed by psychiatrists to treat severe brain disorders like bipolar illness or schizophrenia are not addictive.

Do medications given by psychiatrists have major side effects?

Psychiatrists prescribe mental health medications most of which have minor side effects. Addictive psychiatric drugs can lead to major side effects like weight gain, change in personality, memory issues, nausea and headaches, and depression.

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( From Monday to Friday, doctors can be reached through phone for consultations. )

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